Aeren Nai

Half Elf Paladin


Full name: Aeren Nai’lo (Nai’lo translates to Nightbreeze)

Early life
A Half-Elf, born to an Elven noble family, Aeren never believed he was going to be acknowledged as the heir to the Nai’lo family name. He often wondered why he had been given an Elven name, not a human name as his one of his parentage would be expected to have.
It was decided for him that as he had no claim to be the heir of his bloodline he would be raised at court as a Bal Garthataur. Following this decision, his whole life became training and preparation, until he turned 100 and took his adult name. At this point he hoped to be acclaimed as his family’s heir but with great sadness he was informed by a family retainer that this was not to be. When Aeren attempted to discover the reason for this, reasons varied greatly. Etiquette, procedure and tradition were all cited to him from various sources in varying ways but he knew that it was due to his human father who had vanished when Aeren was still too young to remember. In his younger years Aeren had faint and vague memories of an older brother but nobody would speak to him of such a thing and all took on a mien of great sadness as they denied it had ever been the case that there were two scions of the family of Nai’lo. His Elven mother raised him for the most part, and he was content enough when she married the head of the Elven council, an arrangement that worked out to both the house of Nai’lo and the council’s mutual benefit.
One night, his Step-father had been under great strain from a quandary of awful implications the council was debating, with ramifications for their entire colony. When he returned home and found Aeren, who had been trying on his grandfather’s family armour (which did not yet fit him), he snapped, lashing out at Aeren. “You are no son of mine, halfbreed! I wish for nothing in this plane of existence more than I wish for you to have never existed! Now get out of that ridiculous garb and leave my house!”
Aeren left the house that night and joined the Knights of Silver in nearby Silverymoon as a standard bearer. This took him on campaigns all over Faerun but always brought him home near enough to help defend the Glimmerwood against the rampaging barbarian hordes to the north.
On one of these visits home, his mother sought him out and gave him an ocarina which she called a family heirloom, and her blessing but warned him that his step-father was becoming more and more powerful in the Glimmerwood and it would not be safe for him to return again. He left the next night and returned to Silverymoon.

Army life
As a young elf, Aeren was a standard bearer. Adopting the pet name his comrades in arms had for him of “Aeren Nai” helped him to forge a new identity without forgetting his old completely. The Knights in Silver treated him with respect and friendship, completely at odds with what he was brought up to expect. As a standard bearer, he became a mascot of sorts for the Knights in Silver and was present at the battle of Daelyth’s Dagger.
While adventuring around Faerun, he kept up to date with events in the Glimmerwood via letters to another family retainer. These would come every six to eight months depending on how often the Knights in Silver marched.

During this period, he was trained in the Divine arts by one of the many Paladins in their ranks and is currently an initiate Paladin. Due to his Elven heritage, he is studying to become a warden of the forest and has been allowed to colour his armour green. Those in the Knights of Silver have started referring to him as the “Green Knight” as a nickname.
He now hopes to complete his training, win glory and renown and return home to force the issue of his legacy.

Taken out of the world
During a relatively minor skirmish with some bandits, Aeren was separated from his comrades and found himself diving into a doorway to avoid a hail of arrows, ending up in a strange place where he would be ‘Tested’.

Aeren Nai

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