Gaurok "Rampage" Olgozmo

Goliath Pirate


Born to Gauthak and Elanithino Olgosmo Gaurok was raised among the Purple Rock tribe in the mountains of Utheraal. From an earlier age he was instilled with the Goliath values of lawfulness, pragmatism and competitiveness, it was this last trait that caused his parents death. Both skilled hunters, they were always seeking more and more dangerous prey which ultimately led to their demise and Gaurok receiving the nickname ‘Twice-Orphaned’ at age 6. As a consequence Gaurok was raised mostly by tent-mother Kolae-Gileana.

At age 9 Gaurok ‘Twice-Orphaned’ Olgosmo was declared old enough to begin contributing the tribe, he excelled in many areas greatly enjoying scouting and hunting with the dogs. His greatest skill however was with people, in his teens he would often be chosen to go and trade with the humans from the lowlands as he was well known and liked by them
Death was common among the tribe and it was all too ordinary for hunters not to return from their forays into the mountains but scouts would always find their corpses within the week. An unsettling series of disappearances had begun however, with corpses never showing up. Gaurok was among the first to bring this to the Chieftain’s attention – but the issue never received the attention it deserved.

By the time he’d reached adulthood he had achieved much, and had earned the respect of his tribe. Many expected him to be assigned Captain, but the Chieftain Lo-Kag ‘Wordpainter’ Anakalathai snubbed Gaurok at every opportunity. The disappearances were getting worse, so Gaurok decided he would do something himself. Over the past two weeks, 3 tribesman had disappeared, all of them had been assigned to a hunting party under Captain Vaunea ‘Keeneye’ Anakalathai, Lo-Kag’s daughter. Gaurok slipped out of the camp in the morning before the Dawncall, hiding himself away in the mountains until the hunting parties were chosen.

Keeneye’s hunting party of 6 left slightly late, heading north down a mountain trail towards the coast. Gaurok tailed them, keeping track of their movements, he watched them pass by many good hunting spots to finally arrive at the shore. A ship was anchored by the shore, and a small group of robed strangers were stood by the water’s edge, next to a row-boat. From his vantage point, Gaurok watched as one of the hunting party was struck from behind by Keeneye, the robed strangers advanced, using magic they seemed to be putting the downed tribesman to sleep.

Gaurok didn’t know what was going on, but knew he had to inform the tribe of this treachery, he stayed crouched behind rocks contemplating his next move. As the sleeping tribesman was bundled aboard the row-boat Gaurok rose to his feet, he knew he should run, go back to the tribe and tell them what he’s seen, but he couldn’t. He had to try and save this tribesman.

With a fearsome battlecry he rushed into action, the 5 remaining members of the hunting party turned, surprised. Gaurok threw an axe into one of the robed strangers, setting his eyes on another one he went to charge through the other goliaths, but Keeneye tackled him to the ground. Enraged, Gaurok drew his dagger and thrust it into her side, kicked her off him and regained his footing only to be immediately swarmed by the others. He punched, stabbed and wrestled himself free but received numerous injuries. Standing among the stunned and bruised traitors, he felt a wash of fatigue spread through his body. All he could think of was sleep. As his world went dark he heard the strangers laughing to each other saying ‘yes, he’ll do well in the Black Pits, kill the other one we don’t have enough food for both.’

He awoke in chains aboard a slave ship where he spent three nights, biding his time and thinking of the circumstances that brought him there, and where he was headed. He learned over these three days that the strangers were drow, and he was to be made to fight in an arena for the amusement of others. On the fourth day at sea, upon the Sea of Swords, a commotion could be heard above deck. A stranger wielding a cutlass stormed the lower decks freeing Gaurok from his bonds. He identified himself as ‘Buckles LeHanso’ and handed Gaurok a dagger before the two of them went to join the fight above deck. While clearly outnumbered, the drow refused to surrender but Gaurok was delighted to have the chance to get even with his captors and between his fury and the determination of the rowdy strangers the ship was soon under their control.

He met the captain of this group of pirates that had rescued him a human man named Jasper Chert. Gaurok introduced himself as Gaurok Olgosmo, telling Captain Chert he had a nickname in his old tribe, but he would be honoured to join this tribe, and would need a new nickname. For his ferocity in the battle he was named ‘Rampage’ a nickname he kept for over 15 years.

Over these next years he settled into his new life as a pirate, learning how to sail a ship, tie the right knots and how to navigate. He fit right in with the crew, and became well liked. They targeted ships belonging to the drow slavers, cutting off their supply of slaves until it was no longer profitable for them to be importing exotic gladiators. The rescued goliaths were returned home, and the Chieftain deposed.

After a particularly bloody spree of pirating, the crew had gathered an inordinate amount of coins and notoriety; the coins were habour moons (platinum inset with electrum) taken from a Waterdeeo nobleman’s pleasure galley. The notoriety led to a large fleet of pirate hunter vessels being deployed from Waterdeep in search of the treasure.

To avoid discovery Captain Chert declared it was necessary the treasure be buried and the crew disbanded until the heat died down. It was not a popular decision, and there was talk of mutiny as the ship sailed towards the south western Moonshae Islands. Rampage was well liked by the crew, but they knew he was loyal to the Captain, he wasn’t told explicitly about any planned mutiny but he heard some rumours. Before the ship dropped anchor Rampage informed the Captain of what he had heard, Chert simply nodded before picking four men to go ashore with him via rowboat.

As the crew waited aboard, Rampage got talking to his friend Buckles. Buckles seemed nervous, and as they spoke Rampage discovered that three of the men gone ashore were involved in a planned mutiny, the majority of the crew were in favour of killing Chert and choosing a new captain. Apparently Rampage would be a favourite if he were to stand for the role.

In the dead of night, the rowboat was spotted. Rampage observed the boat, and could make out only one figure aboard. Captain Chert had returned alone, he climbed aboard the ship without saying a word, made brief eye contact with Rampage, nodded then went to his cabin. After a brief pause Rampage gave the order to make sail, the order was followed and the crew sailed for the coast of Amn.

A day from the coast, a pirate hunter was spotted on the horizon on an intercept course. Captain Cherts orders were to alter the bearing to gain distance from their hunter, while maintaining their course towards Amn. The crew grumbled they knew there was no pay without prey and they wanted to take the pirate hunter on. The quartermaster, a pirate named Skully Jakobs used the objected, and called for a vote to elect a new captain. Both Chert and Rampage knew there was not time, but the crew were up in arms. As they bickered the pirate hunter gained ground and before the situation was resolved they were about to board. Rampage bellowed for order and the crew snapped to attention, under his orders he had the crew position themselves to repel the boarders.

It was just in time to prevent a massacre, but the situation was desperate. Rampage saw Buckles take a pirate hunter’s rapier to the gut and fall overboard, he saw Chert fighting off three at once, his cutlass a blur, he watched a group of pirates with Skully Jacobs leap onto the hunter’s vessel to take the fight to them. In the chaos of the fighting Rampage found himself grappling with two pirate hunters, being pushed towards the bow of the ship. He turned and threw one off the side, drawing the dagger from the hunter’s own belt and stabbing the owner of the blade but there were more closing him down. A loud bang rang out, some kind of explosion or magic had exploded with the hull of the pirate hunter, causing driftwood to spill out into the ocean and fire to begin racing across the deck. As Rampage was driven towards the bow of the deck he glanced over the side, threw the blade he was carrying, circled to the side of the group and charged into them and over the side.

As he fell, 4 pirate hunters in his embrace, bleeding from a blow to the head he closed his eyes, waiting for the water to claim him. It felt like an eternity. He waited still, but there was no water he couldn’t even feel the struggling pirate hunters anymore. He opened his eyes and there he was; in a small room with 3 shadowy figures.


Gaurok "Rampage" Olgozmo

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