Kelemvor's Balance

Wilbus Von Tinkerspell and the Trial of Cyril
Or was it Chris? Or Sir Rick? Actually, I'm sure it was Chris. Yup, now that I think about it, definitely Chris.
My name is Wilbus Sloshwick Kenlee Cogwobble Von TInkerspell, Professor of Arcane History at Silverymoon University, famed author, renowned explorer, and relic hunter extraordinaire. You may remember me from such tales as:
  • “Wilbus Von Tinkerspell and the Crystal Fiend”
  • “Wilbus Von Tinkerspell and the Temple of Bhaal”
  • “Wilbus Von Tinkerspell and the Eye of Vecna”
  • “Wilbus Von Tinkerspell and the Staff of Gorthaur”
    Or perhaps this will be the first you read of me. If it is then prepare to be amazed at the elaborate and entirely true tale that will unfold before your very eyes.

It begins in a cave deep in the undisclosed location. There i sought rest after fighting off a roving band of Orc raiders who had been in the process of laying waste to the ancient temple I had been investigating. Catching my breath I leaned against the rock wall and…
…I was transported into a different place. In order to protect myself I immediately threw up a magical disguise, making myself look like a young male Halfling; he was a handsome young man if I say so myself.

I found myself in what seemed to be a small stone room. As I looked around, everything was faint and blurry; the colours saturated, the sounds non-existent. There was a breeze, obviously magical in nature as there could be no possible source of wind here. Also in the room were three other persons:

Their forms were as faint and blurry as my own. Then without so much as a “How d’you do” everyone began piling out of the room. Quite rude if you ask me.


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