Marian Colemour of the Radiant Heart

Current leader of the Radiant Heart Auxiliary Force in the Sword Coast


Marian Colemour, eldest daughter of the Colemour family. The Colemour family is well-known in Athkatla, a booming trading family who maintains many mines throughout the Cloud Peaks mountain range.

Marian had noble ambitions from her youth, she would seek out those in need, volunteered and donated where she could. As she grew up though, she realised that she wasn’t doing enough to help those in need, so she sought out the temple district and asked several priests for help.

Some told her to become a cleric, some encouraged her to join a temple. One Illmater priest encouraged her to break her arms and bear the pain of the world, she declined.

Eventually she came to the Most Noble Order of the Radiant Heart chapter in Athkatla, there she was welcomed by a knight who sat her down and listened to her concerns and problems. When she was done he responded with a single sentence, “You should just right the wrongs yourself.” This inspired her to dedicate her life to this goal, she began training as a paladin, dedicated herself to Tyr early on and began seeking those who would prey upon the weak and bring them into the light for all to see.

Her efforts were not unsanctioned though, she was taken in as a Squire by the order after her dedication ceremony before the Tyr temple clerics could sway her to stay. They pushed her to better herself and never back down in combat.

When she was officially promoted to captain of the auxiliaries she was granted her sacred weapon, Radiance. A greatsword so blessed and consecrated that it projects a small glow of light when unsheathed, unfortunately when someone is struck with it their skin is assaulted by radiant energy that blesses and burns at the same time.

Marian Colemour of the Radiant Heart

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