Wilbus Sloshwick Kenlee Cogwobble Von Tinkerspell

Gnome Warlock


Early Life:
Within the Neverwinter Wood, not far from the Tower of Twilight, there lay a small settlement of Forest Gnomes. This was Timberhold, the home of Zanna Oneshoe Yodelhop Von Timbers. It was here that a young Rock Gnome, filled with wanderlust and brimming with arcane potential, fell in love. That gnome was Eldon Namfoodle Stumbleduck Henry Jones Tinkerspell. Studying in the tower by day, and spending time in Timberhold by night, Eldon and Zanna embarked on a whirlwind romance. Soon after, the two were married and left on a journey spanning many years, around the North and Western edges of Faerun. Almost a decade later they returned to the Neverwinter Wood bearing a newborn son. His name was Wilbus Sloshwick Kenlee Cogwobble Von Tinkerspell.

Wilbus lived at Timberhold until he was 15. He was schooled by his mother in the ways of the gnome; their culture and their lore. While his father taught him of magic and the arcane. Knowledge was everything to Wilbus and he took every opportunity to gain more, though he was not as receptive to his father’s arcane power as he hoped. Eventually however, Eldon’s wanderlust had become a wedge between him and Zanna, and in the gnomish way they parted amiably, attributing it to one of Garl Glittergold’s pranks. Wilbus had too much of his father in him and so opted to join Eldon in his journies across Faerun; he always made time to visit and stay with his mother for a time though.

After a trip to Candlekeep, his father decided to take up residence and utilise his skills, and it was here that Wilbus learned of his passion in the myths and legends of old – specifically lost civilisations and their arcane relics. Once his passion had been ingnited, he could think of nothing else. At 21 Wilbus gained a place at the University of Silverymoon, where he studied the disciplines of Illusion and Enchantment, as well as Arcane History. Lacking the aptitude for most of the practised magical arts, Wilbus eventually graduated with a focus on Arcane History. At the age of 26, with his notebooks filled and his head teeming with possibility, Wilbus struck out on his own.

At this point accounts become fuzzy. We know he spent a great deal of time on the sea, West of Faerun. There are also sightings of him in Cormyr and Amn. Indeed it is rumoured that he had a hand in the theft of Argyle’s Eye, a Royal heirloom said to be a small seeing orb encrusted with gems. These are all unsubstantiated however. Wilbus reappears definitively at the age of 41.

Family Life:
Around his 41st birthday, Wilbus appeared in Waterdeep, with plenty of coin. He spent a great deal of time with the arcane community within the city, being particularly interested in their library complexes and repositories. Setting himself up in the North Ward, he married a local gnomish woman: Tana Sparklegem; a gemcutter and jeweller of one of the foremost establishments in Waterdeep. Shortly after the pair left for a year, visiting Wilbus’s mother in Neverwinter Wood and his father – who now had the prestigious position of High Mage to the Royal Court of Neverwinter. They also travelled to Mithral Hall to stay with Tana’s parents for a time.

After returning to Waterdeep, they settled down to start a family. Wilbus, through the help of his father, got a job in the Arcanist’s Museum of Waterdeep, working and studying under Gildron Lightbeard; the man responsible for cataloguing the magical repository. At 45, Wilbus and Tana were graced with twin boys – Aldor and Raldo – who both took after their mother, and at 50, a girl named Lilli – who was more like her father. During the next 15 years Wilbus gradually undertook more and more expeditions for the museum until finally the Tinkerspell wanderlust kicked in. Like his parents, Wilbus and Tana parted ways and Wilbus left Waterdeep, and his family behind.

Published Adventures:
During this time Wilbus made a name for himself in the field of Relics; specifically those of an arcane nature. Many of these he published, and the original copies can be found in the Vault of the Sages at Silverymoon.
“Wilbus Von Tinkerspell and the Crystal Fiend”
“Wilbus Von Tinkerspell and the Temple of Bhaal”
“Wilbus Von Tinkerspell and the Eye of Vecna”
“Wilbus Von Tinkerspell and the Staff of Gorthaur”

Later Life:
Wilbus resurfaces again at the age of 85 in the city of Neverwinter and spends some time with his father. He then takes a month in the Neverwinter Wood with his mother and her new family – and meets his Half-Siblings. Afterwards he returns to Waterdeep briefly – to let Tana know that he will be taking up residence in Silverymoon, and then heads off to Silverymoon. There he takes up the position of Professor of Arcane History at Silverymoon University, forging links to the University Museum and the Vault of Sages.

Wilbus is now 121 and has taught at the University for 36 years. He has written many books, is well regarded by staff, and venerated by students. Every now and again, preferably during University downtime, Wilbus departs Silverymoon on expeditions; sometimes these are at the behest of the University, sometimes they are requests from private hires who have heard of his skill; and sometimes he does not say.

One mystery still eludes him though: the Lost Civilisation of Lantan. What became of it, and where does it rest? Many scoff that it’s just a myth, but as Wilbus knows, even the most elaborate legend is steeped in truths.

Wilbus Sloshwick Kenlee Cogwobble Von Tinkerspell

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